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[Behind The Album] Song One: First Light

[Behind The Album] Song One: First Light

by Mat on January 30, 2015

We thought it would be neat to give you guys some insight behind the songs of the album. Finding time to sit down together can prove to be a challenge, however. Since the band is in a group text most days, I gathered some thoughts from the guys about First Light. 

Troy texted, “You’d asked over the weekend about First Light. I thought about it on a rainy run today, and am just now back home for the day, where I can stop and think. For me, the song is about two people falling in love, just out of school, dreaming of their life together, dreaming of a family. Their child is born, with every experience new, a first, just as the first light of each day is new.

Amy had some great thoughts too. “All of the motorcycle metaphors are great through the song- finding yourself and testing boundaries. The song to me is about a soul making it to earth ready to try out every inch of ground – taking in things new with sense of freedom.

What do you guys remember about the recording process of the song? “Though the song is first on the album, it was the last to record, and went through many revisions over the course of a year. The final version was written the night before and arranged and tracked the following night, the last evening of tracking. It felt like a special gift after a good long haul.”, replied Troy.

There was something quite magical about it. Some songs are quite a labor to produce. Others can come quite quickly. First Light was a blend of the two. Troy showed Amy and me the new structure and concept and then we tracked the song. Most of what you hear on the album is the live take from that evening. There were some attempts to “clean up” the mistakes and such, but none of that proved to have the feel from the live full-band recordings that occurred in the moment that evening. So, like much of the album, the feel was chosen over attempts to perfect the takes.

“The wind chimes are compliments of my boss- we brought home 3 sets and Troy listened to them all and picked the one that was the sound he was looking for. And we got to keep it- yayYy!”, chimed in Amy.

Feel free to ask any questions about the song or the recording process in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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Mat February 2, 2015 at 5:25 PM

Thanks Bev!


Bev February 2, 2015 at 3:03 PM

I like it 🙂


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