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Origins of the Band Name

Origins of the Band Name

by Mat on November 27, 2008

I’m wondering about the “orgins” of the band name and what other names originally came to mind before deciding on The Follow.

-Jason Litton


We started the band back in high school, as you may have known, and were nameless during the beginning stages of the band. During those times we listened to a lot of U2, R.E.M., Pink Floyd, The Cure, The Cult… all these bands around 1988. I was a horrible guitar player but could just muster enough ability to play a handful of U2 songs. We rehearsed with a friend of ours, Matt Tebow, who loved heavy metal. He actually introduced me to multi-track recording, 4-Tracks mind you, and it opened my eyes to a different world of experimentation with music. I am forever grateful.

With Matt taking the duties on bass guitar, we learned, and sadly destroyed, these incredible U2 and REM songs. We’d talk during school lunch of what we were going to do with the band, and the gigs we’d play. Our first couple of gigs were completely U2, with the exception of two original songs we had written. The two songs are called ‘Understand’ and ‘A Feeling Unknown’. So, during those times at the lunch table, the heavy question arose about a band name. I remember watching the two Matthew’s as they bounced off ideas, and I recall not having a lot to add to the discussion. I just watched and listened in wonder. Perhaps I couldn’t imagine a name for something I’d wanna do for hopefully the rest of my life. How could one or two words hold the longevity or meaning to all of your artistic expressions and musical passion. Of course, looking back, in retrospect, I see that the meaning comes not from the words, but the motion and journey that they travel.

So, Mat and Matt Tebow put together the name The Follow at the Moberly High School cafeteria lunch tables in 1988. We felt solid about the identity and what was finally becoming a group. There wasn’t a lot of questioning about the name after that, if I recall correctly. Once we decided, that was it; that is, until the dark journeys of the mid nineties, when the second crossroads emerged…


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Srinivas December 1, 2012 at 9:20 AM

Yeah very nice, was chatting with brad the other day siynag how both wished we had something this well produced when we were 15, i know i was recording on a dodgy old pc in a shed about then and everything that came out of it sounded horrible (the only difference is i’m inside now lol) .the playing sounds good on this track, the writing is cool for guys this young, and agree the vocalist sounds really good, so the track overall sounds really good.The production side of things is what we have come to expect from DC, clean, precision placed effects and cut together very well, my only small gripes are that the track for this style i would have expected huge sounding guitars and drums, overly compressed everything that smacks you in the face but the power in this track seemed a little low volume throughout, also it seemed to me to have a huge amount of breakdown/hooks splattered through the track? not sure if this was the writing or the way it was cut together, but it was very obvious for the sections that had no vocals and kept changing breaking down and building back up ..the guitar tones are super nice, specially on the intro, also solid drum recording to boot!Overall its a really good track, dc has done a great job of “radio’ising” the track and giving it appeal as well, 85% from this side of the globe can i have some more pretty please?


Mat Powers December 1, 2012 at 6:07 PM

Hello Srinivas, tell me more about your band.


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