by Mat on April 17, 2009

Since The Follow died last week when Amy pushed the van to 88 MPH on a rural road with a flux capacitor on the fritz and significantly less that the required 1.21 gigawatts of energy in the Mr. Fusion I thought maybe we should discuss what we miss most about the band now that they’re gone… or best memories of the dearly departed. Sniff… so sad. 🙁

(Plus, was it seriously necessary for Moberly PD to give Amy a posthumous ticket..? Really?? That’s disrespect for the dead right there.)



Wish You Were Here



If I were really real, I would reel the lines of many casts before. If who I was is not who I am, I not I, then who was ever here before these casted lines?

A memory to one is remembering to remember a member, the lost, no longer forgetting the forgotten song… Memories.

“Buried so low!” Even Carbonite could not contain.



Ahh… I love the song Memories, one of my favorites actually, but I’m not sure I have ever seen it performed live



The dead come alive for the stirring hunger of re-animating Memories…

A bag of skeletons on stage, instruments and bones, cold under the lights. We need lips to purse the words to life.

Thanks Chris & Christian, it was getting lonely out there all alone in Death Valley with no plutonium.



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