by Mat on March 29, 2010

It was the last concert of a grueling long World Tour day for Troy, AJ and Powers. They had been up since early morning and at their last concert at Gwampa’s 4-sim venue.

I guess it was all too much for their poor overworked avis, as they were rocking into the concert, one by one, the three of them crashed. We the fans waited… the music kept coming, and we could hear them just fine, but no… they couldn’t get back in-world.

Well……when the bands away..the fans will play………. who wants to stare at an empty stage, something had to be done!
Cerwin leapt to the rescue onto the drums, and right behind him came the wonderful Christian with his acoustic guitar. Kavisha (thats me) and Sammi were right behind. Sammi rocked out with amazing tambourine percussion beats, and I tried very hard not to step on AJ’s foot pedals. Who knows what they might do?

The Band all unknowing and blinded to sl kept on playing, and suggested that some of us might like to get up on stage… Little did they know, it was already a happening thing. Eventually Jenna got on the phone to them and let them know, and we were pleased to hear much laughter and approval from them.

Cerwin the hero that he is, gave up his place to Suzi, Troys mom, and she wielded the drum sticks like an expert. (Watch out Powers…your place might be at risk there). Kriz came up on stage and kept us all company so it was super cool.

It was great, no one left, and we all played on, with our fav band churning out that amazing music right to the end. It was really fun, and a memory of sl to add to the others that make this world a special place.

Thanks Troy, AJ and Powers, no matter what…just keep on playing cos we love you guys.

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