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The Follow band bio

Nashville 2014 (Logo) 512

The Follow is a Panoramic Rock band from Columbia, Missouri that has toured from L.A. to NYC, as well as some in Europe. The media have supported the band across North America with college and commercial radio airplay. The band’s new album was released January 15, 2015 sparking the new tour where ideal support shows would include opening for Manchester Orchestra, The Joy Formidable, or Kodaline.

This group of best friends from a small Midwestern town have found worldwide support due to consistently streaming live broadcasts for over five years. The streaming shows have been showcased in the band’s World Tour In A Day events featuring five shows in one day, each in a different time zone targeted to a specific country. Their fan base has funded albums and international touring allowing the band to focus on music.

The new album is saturated with heart, tears, and struggle within its very fabric balance with dreams, hope, and faith. After the loss of the lead singer’s brother to ALS, the band found itself lost for a season. However, the grieving process has blossomed into the new record entitled K. These recordings find The Follow reproducing what its fans have come to love…the energy of the live shows. This album honors life, respects death, and encourages on the exploration of the in between.

Played With:  Slash & Myles Kennedy, Plain White T’s, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Thousand Foot Krutch, Local H, Ludo, Gooding, Gravity Kills, Thrill Kill Kult, Robin Trower Band

Venue Played:  Midland Theatre (Kansas City), The Pageant (St. Louis), Continental Club (NYC), Summit Music Hall (Denver), Café du Nord (San Francisco), Malone’s (Los Angeles), Humphrey’s (San Diego), Acadia (Houston), Texas Tea House (Dallas), VZD’s (OKC), Juanita’s (Little Rock), Gunther Murphy’s (Chicago), Pontiac Grille (Philadelphia), plus Europe


Amy Rickertsen

AJ is a sweet southern girl. Born and raised in Arkansas, she found her way to Moberly, Missouri during high school and made the mistake of befriending Mat and Troy. Mat flew over her car hood on a skateboard for their first meeting. Amy began playing bass around 1996 and had her first recordings on the bands Origins album. She is the official bus driver for the band clocking in 5,250+ miles in August 2012 for the bands first adventure out West. She was also the driver during the band’s tour in Europe in 2006 which yielded its fair share of speeding and traffic light tickets in the mail once the band returned home. AJ likes to listen to paranormal radio shows and can often be heard spreading convincing diatribes of conspiracy theories. She is also a wonderful cook and would like nothing more than to have her dog Willow on the road with the band enjoying all the sights and getting into trouble whenever possible.

Troy Rickertsen

Moberly has been Troy’s home his entire life and the Magic City holds a special place in his heart, as well as for Amy and Mat. He met Mat during elementary school and the encounter involved a lighter and a can of WD-40 in Mat’s parents’ garage. Somehow that bonded the two for life and they became best friends during high school just before the met Amy. Troy is the songwriter in the band. He sings and plays guitar leading the band into mysterious places both familiar and not. Troy is an avid runner and enjoys long runs where he can lose himself in the moment which is where many lyrics and song ideas begin. Due to a recent opportunity with his guitar amp, Troy began using a Fractal Audio Systems processer that he remains convinced is created by a genius using what has to be alien technology. He also engineers the band’s recordings, creates most of the graphics for the band, plus he has the uncanny knack of disappearing into thin air like a Jedi.

Mat Matlack

Mat is also a southern boy from Tennessee. He moved to Moberly, MO in the first grade and soon after tried to burn his parents house down with the help of the band Loverboy. Soon after that he learned the fun of motorcycles and skateboards which became something he and Troy spent much of their time doing together. It was during these days that the two learned of their love of similar bands like The Cure, U2, R.E.M. and The Cult. The two started playing music together, or perhaps better described as noise. Mat was on drums and Troy was on guitar. The great friendship that these two built was only strengthened by Amy; and has developed into the root core of what is The Follow today. The friendship drives the band and allows them to explore not only music, but life together.