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The Follow — Panoramic Rock Band from Columbia, Missouri, USA

Art In The Park 2016

by Mat on June 3, 2016

2016 aip 512

Hey friends, we are thrilled to be playing at Art In The Park this year. The festival was a highlight of 2015 for us and it looks like we’re going to have another great year for weather! Over 15,000 people attend this art festival over the two-day weekend event, so we are excited to meet some new people, but more excited to see some familiar faces. It’s been WAY too long since we’ve played live in Columbia, Missouri.


Come enjoy some music and shop for some incredible art! Limited seating will be available in the tent. All music is acoustic. We play both days! Here is the schedule.

11am-1pm The Follow

2-4pm Merry Ellen Kirk

11am-1pm Jordan Heckemeyer

1:30-2p Remove The Silence (Woodcrest Band)

2:30-4p The Follow



follow banner

The Follow celebrates John Conway’s Game of Life in SL grand opening on Saturday March 12th, 2016 at 6pm SLT / PT. Join the FACEBOOK event here.

This show will be streamed live at TheFollow.com but we really hope you will join us in Second Life for the full experience. This new interactive art exhibit is located on LEA SIM #18 and is something you truly don’t want to miss! Created by Tangle Giano and Kiesta Aljon, here is what the artists have to say about the exhibit.

“Often, what we see on the surface goes so much deeper than we imagine. Although the images and patterns produced by John Conway’s Game of Life may be familiar to many of us, many people are unaware of the richness hidden within. Come and explore Conway’s Game of Life with us!

John Conway’s Game of Life is a zero player game consisting of an infinite grid and a set of simple rules that can result in very subtle and yet profound cell patterns. The future of any community of cells depends entirely on it’s initial state and the rules. Each cell lives and dies according to the population around it. It can be overwhelmingly complex even with the simple rules to understand what is really going on. Fortunately, anyone can enjoy the challenge of “seeding” the grid with living cells in the hopes their “community” of cells lasts longer than their friend’s when the game is started. You can simply create interesting patterns that grow and thrive, or even die off in unexpected ways. Our goal in presenting this, is for you to enjoy building “seeds” and watching patterns emerge as well as to stir your curiosity to dig as deep as you like into the applications of and potential meaning behind this Game of Life. But most of all, we want you to have fun!”


Within Second Life, you can teleport directly to the SIM before showtime at the following link. http://www.TheFollow.SL/ Or, if you can’t make it inworld, stream the audio on the live stream page at http://www.TheFollow.com/live.


First Light Video Release

March 5, 2016

Join Us Sunday Evening March 6th at 8pm Central U.S. Time The Follow will release our first video from the album K on Sunday evening, March 6th. We hope that you will join us on the Facebook event at 8pm Central Time when we make the video live on YouTube. Choose GOING on the Facebook […]

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K Celebrates One Year

January 18, 2016

January 15th marked one year since K was released for downloads. It also marks our beloved Kent Rickertsen’s birthday. We miss you fiercely. We have a special going on to celebrate the release. Purchase a CD direct from the band and we’ll include a CD of the Mixtures album, PLUS a download of a live concert. […]

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K Tour Day Three – Sterling, VA at Mid-Atlantic Jam

September 14, 2015

We spent two days in Sterling, VA at the Mid-Atlantic Jam. Due to the people and the talent, you really want to spend a week at the jams. Saturday morning came a bit too early since we tend to stay up pretty late playing and catching up with friends. Voodoo Shilton was hosting a looping […]

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K Tour Day Two – Sterling, VA at Mid-Atlantic Jam

September 7, 2015

5/15 – Sterling, VA at Mid-Atlantic Jam The second day of the tour took us to Sterling, VA. This was the location of Mid-Atlantic Music Jam which was the reason for the timing and the direction of the tour. We saw some beautiful countryside during the drive. I think we went through Pennsylvania, then West […]

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K Tour Day One – Cincinnati, OH at Stanley’s Pub

July 6, 2015

5/14 – Cincinnati, OH at Stanley’s Pub We left on the morning of Thursday the 14th to head to our first show of the tour in Cincinnati. This tour would have our first traveller under 18 years old. Troy and Amy’s niece Emerald would join us for the adventure. We assigned her the official job […]

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[Behind The Album] Song Two: With Every Breath Of Air

February 28, 2015

Initially called “Pontoon” during the early band rehearsals due to the way it was originally written, “With Every Breath Of Air” is a song that came about rather quickly from a musical stand point. But, lyrically it took several months to be developed. Here is what Troy had to say about the songwriting process. “The […]

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[Behind The Album] Song One: First Light

January 30, 2015

We thought it would be neat to give you guys some insight behind the songs of the album. Finding time to sit down together can prove to be a challenge, however. Since the band is in a group text most days, I gathered some thoughts from the guys about First Light.  Troy texted, “You’d asked […]

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New Album Entitled K Released

January 15, 2015

We are thrilled to announce the release of K. This album could not have come from a deeper place in our hearts. It’s an album we wish we never had to write. The new album is saturated with heart, tears, and struggle within its very fabric, yet it’s balanced with dreams, faith, and hope. After […]

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